Blades in the Dark - Assassins

First score

The crew needed to find a supply, and Birdie's friend Nyryx happened to have very intimate knowledge of the local vice dens. Under the auspices of setting up a buy for Biggles on even grounds they get a promising location with light guards. Unfortunately it's run by Birdie's rival Bryl who notices him and promptly removes him and his friend Biggles from the spot. Maze saves the day with visit an old school mate who works in a more respectable part of town and helped rebuild that part of town after a fire. With a layout of the space in hand, and his fellow miscreants out on their ears, he drops by the den and manages to find the hidden stash while "posing" as a customer. After a sneaky break-in the crew manages to nab a few valuable odds and ends along with a small supply of a new, as yet on being circulated, product. Unfortunately in their rush both Birdie and Biggles leave a trail behind.



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